12 easy steps to FSBO

April 1, 2019

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How to sell your home “for sale by owner”

While most Realtors would never consider this, Realty with Robb is a real estate information website and I think I should share as much knowledge as I can. So today I am going to tell you how to sell your home as a FSBO in just 12 steps.

  1. Go to a home price estimating website, see what they say your house is worth. Do not question it, just put up whatever number they give you.
  2. Buy some good for sale by owner yard signs at the hardware store. Be sure to write your phone number on them. Place them in the front yard.
  3. Take some pictures of your home, inside and out.
  4. Post your home For Sale By Owner on every free website you can find. This should only take 3 or 4 hours, unless you forgot to measure the rooms in your house first…then it will take another 2 hours.
  5. Be sure to keep your phone close so you can field calls from the 20-30 real estate agents that will be calling you everyday.
  6. Finally get a call from a potential buyer and they look at your home and want to buy it. They need to rent to own though, so you say no thanks.
  7. Get another call from a solid buyer, but you turned your ringer off because you didn’t want to talk to real estate agent number 26 who called you today. They left a voicemail, but now aren’t answering when you call back.
  8. Take a call from another potential buyer, set up a showing. Notice after they left that something you value is missing. Wonder if they could have taken it. You call them but the number they called from was a google number and doesn’t exist anymore.
  9. Have another potential buyer want to see your house, but they are only available during your work hours. So you take off work only to have them not show up. Of course they don’t answer or call back when you follow up.
  10. Take out an extra bag of trash this week from all the “list with ________” postcards you get from the same real estate agents that call you every day or so.
  11. Finally get a person who wants to buy your home. Spend 2 hours trying to figure out how to write a sales contract that a title company will accept. Spend another 4 hours redoing said paperwork after you take it to them and they give you the proper forms. Wait a month to get to closing, only to find out that the buyer cannot get financed. Start over.
  12. Repeat these steps until you finally realize why there are not one, but several professions dedicated to helping people buy and sell houses.

At the end of the day, it is possible to sell your home as a FSBO. On the other hand, statistics don’t lie. There is a reason that less than 6% of all homes sold are sold “for sale by owner”. That reason is that very few people have the knowledge, experience, or the time to sell a home…and even fewer have all three. So do yourself a huge favor, put the notion of trying to sell your home as a “for sale by owner” out of your mind and call a professional. You will be glad you did.