Easy 3 step home search

May 6, 2019

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Need a hassle free way to search for a new home, that doesn’t take a lot of time?

You already know the first part of the solution if you do.

Hire a Realtor.

Oh wait, we said hassle free…..                 Was that out loud?

Yeah its true, a lot of real estate agents forget that helping you find a house isn’t about being a salesman. We don’t forget that.

We know that being a professional Realtor is about helping you find your new home in a way that reduces stress, time consumption and inconvenience for the client….as in actually helping YOU!

So back to the original question. How can you search for the perfect home without spending hundreds of hours looking at listings and houses that are not right for you, AND not have a home broker calling you every other day to tell you about “this great house I just found you”?

It is a simple pain free process when you work with me, because one of my optional approaches to house hunting is perfect for the client who wants to control the search, and still not have to put in a bunch of time.
It takes just 3 simple steps.

  1. The Buyers consultation. No matter which of my search methods you prefer, this is always step one. Why? Because in order to find what you want, I have to find out what that is, and the best way to shake it out is to sit down and talk with you about it.
  2. I put the information you gave me about the home you want into my customized home search system…and you receive emails about available listings on the market. The first one will have all the currently available listings , and then you get follow up messages as new listings come onto the market. These can come to you either as they come onto market, or I can set it up to come to you weekly (or even monthly).
  3. When you receive a home listing that you want to see, you call me and I make it happen.

Right now you might be asking, “why do I need you to do this? my google foo is strong, I am a master of the search bar.”
Two reasons.

  1. As a Realtor, I have access to search tools that are not available on publicly available real estate websites. For instance, I can search homes by school zone, zip code, street, town, with or without basements, by number of rooms, by square footage, number of bathrooms, amount of garage parking, subdivision, whether or not there is a fenced yard, architectural style, year built, financing types available, whether or not there is a breakfast bar, and just about any other specific feature you might want in a home. On the other hand the search bar on the most popular public website asks for a zip code (or city and state) and then gives you a whopping 8 filters so that you can waste countless hours looking at houses that do not fit your needs.
  2. Your time is valuable. Besides the fact that filtering through all of the homes available in your area takes up a lot of time, as it turns out the most popular home search sites do not update their listings very regularly. It is not uncommon at all for a client to call me about a house they found that is just perfect for them.., when I investigate it, the home not only isn’t currently on market…it hasn’t been for a couple of years. That wastes time that you would rather spend doing something else.

Actually there is a third reason, and that is that this service is absolutely free to you. Even when we find your perfect home and I help you through the process of buying it, my services as a buyers agent cost you nothing at all.

So now that you know what to do, what is holding you back. Give me a call today and lets find your new home.