5 reasons to use a buyers agent.

June 10, 2019

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I want to look at homes without pressure, can I see listings without a buyers agent?

The short answer is yes, you can look at houses without a buyers agent; but the longer answer is a bunch of “but why would you?”.

  1. The first reason I would ask “why would you?”, is because seeing a house without a buyers agent is going to have the opposite effect of the stated desire. When you are working with a buyers agent, sure they want you to buy a house…but truthfully other than making it a house that you like and hopefully getting a referral from you because of it…a buyers agent doesn’t care which house you buy. On the other hand, the listing agent (which is who you will have to call to see the home without a buyers agent) not only has a vested financial interest in you buying that particular home, they also have the seller pressuring them to get that home sold. So for this reason alone, it doesn’t make sense to shop for a new home without using a buyers agent.
  2. The next reason I would ask “why would you?”, is about time management. These days it can be a struggle just to balance our jobs, families and any semblance of a social life. Looking for the perfect home can be very time consuming and if you don’t have your ear to the ground constantly in this market you are likely to miss it when the right home comes along. A Realtor who specializes in working with buyers in your part central Indiana knows what is coming on and going off market, and has a plethora of systems and tools at their disposal to conduct the search for you….reducing the hundreds of hours you would likely spend searching and attempting to reach every sellers agent in the market to view the homes they are listing to a one hour meeting and a couple of hours viewing homes that your real estate agent picked out for you based on your criteria.
  3. The third “why would you?” is about advocacy. When you walk into a home being shown by the listing broker, that agent has a legal and ethical responsibility to be truthful and fair with you…but that is it. That sellers agent has no obligation to you beyond that. They do not have to point out defects, share neighborhood price comparisons, or make any effort to assist you with the due diligence that buying a home should always entail. On the other hand, a Realtor working under a buyers agreement with you has a legal and ethical responsibility to do all of those things and to act in your interest and your interest alone.
  4. Which brings up the fourth “why would you?”… it is really an extension of that advocacy, but using a buyers agent is to have a partner to walk through the process with you. Even with a quality Realtor working with you, purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience. It is a large purchase, there is a bunch of money involved, and things can and do go wrong. Without a Realtor working on your side of the table you are left with all of that stress yourself, and you alone will have to sort through every issue that arises. On the other hand, when you are working with a buyers agent, I take care of the stress by doing two things. First I set expectations of what is going to happen throughout the process. This way you know what is going to happen and when…no surprises means less stress for you. The second thing I offer is that when problems do arise, I am not just going to tell you what is going wrong….I will also have a toolbox of solutions standing by so that we can resolve them quickly and easily. Having solutions ready at hand and knowing what to do when problems arise can be the difference between closing a deal or not.
  5. The final and best reason I would ask “why would you?’ is that using a buyers agent does not cost you anything! There are very few services in this world that do not cost the person using them any money, and I don’t know of any that have this much value to offer. Free help that saves you time and money is something we can all use more of.

So if you want to look at homes around greater Indianapolis without pressure, hire a professional Realtor to work as your buyers agent. A good place to start would be to call me at 317-657-8059 or email robb@blueribbonteam.com to set an appointment for a buyers consultation.