How many houses should I see?

December 4, 2018

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How many houses should I see before I buy one?

How many homes do you need to see before you make an offer on one? Well, ideally the answer is one. I mean that is all you are going to buy right? Yeah, I get that you have that uneasy feeling in your gut that says you should go see every house in town before you buy. That feeling isn’t a bad thing, it is there to help you remain critical and to make sure you aren’t making a mistake. The thing is, if you have found a house that speaks to you…one you can see yourself and your family living in, what else do you need to see? I guess at this point I should stop being so rhetorical and get down to it, so lets take a look at why you only need to see one house.

Saying you only need to see one house before you buy assumes a few things.

    • You hired a quality Realtor to assist with your home search and purchase
    • You knew what you wanted when the search began
    • You communicated that to your Realtor
    • Your Realtor did their job

We will answer the assumption that you are working with a quality Realtor by assuming you hired me. Not just because I am the definition of a quality Realtor, or even because I am modest; but we are assuming that you hired me because I work by a process that will save you hundreds of hours of searching through listings and riding around looking at houses you don’t like. If we follow it from beginning to end, I know which of the four or five homes that we will actually go out to see that you will make an offer on. In fact, their are only two reasons I take you to see four or five homes after we have followed this process. The first is to eliminate that feeling in your tummy (because as your Realtor, one of my main jobs is to eliminate the stress of a home purchase). The second reason is that things go wrong. The house I know you want may go pending (especially in this market), the house could have a hidden defect so we need to look at plan b. Then there is the other possibility that I misunderstood what you communicated to me when we discussed your search parameters.

The second assumption, knowing what you want for your new home, can be deceiving. Most people know what they want…they just aren’t sure how to articulate it. Sometimes when this is the case I can question it out of them, sometimes I can’t. A few have no idea what they want other than they want a house. Sometimes I can question them and help them find it, other times I can’t. When you aren’t sure to start with, and my guidance doesn’t help you create a clear enough image of what you want in a home, well sometimes we just have to take a shotgun approach the first time out and see how you respond to different homes. When we do that, I also have system of analyzing what you do and don’t like about each home we see. When we follow that system, we will know what we are looking for on the second trip out, and we will find it.

The third assumption, that you communicated your housing wants and needs to your Realtor…is really more on me than it is you. I mean its not like you are going to lie to me about what you want, and you are equally unlikely to hide something you want from me. So from that statement, when I say that you communicated what you want from a home to your Realtor, I mean that your Realtor both asked the right questions and listened to your responses. When that happens, its just a matter of your Realtor finding it.

The final assumption is that your Realtor did their job. This starts with communicating with you, then it leads to your Realtor following their search system (for me at least), and finally in presenting the home to you. From that point on the Realtors work is just beginning…. but if they did their job well so far, you will have found the house you want.
Sure you probably looked at more than one, but I bet you didn’t need to because this ONE felt like home.

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