Working with first time home buyers… WHAT A JOY!

June 3, 2019

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Normally I like for my articles to be loaded with educational content for my prospective clients, but this week I am going to take a little break from that and talk about my favorite type of transaction. If you didn’t guess from the title, that would be first time home buyers.

Now, a lot of agents out there groaned just from seeing the words. The reason for this is that first time home buyers take more work, more hand holding and they are typically buying entry level homes that do not pay us as well as second and third time home purchases.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the checks that come with helping buy a home with all the upgrades as much as anyone. I also enjoy the ease of shepherding a transaction to closing for someone who knew what to expect from the first day they started the process. Every type of home sales transaction has its own rewards.

The thing is, I really like the less tangible rewards that come from working with first time buyers. From the very beginning they tend to have a much higher appreciation of having a Realtor walk them through the entire process. and that is the first reward. Appreciation. Who doesn’t love to feel appreciated.

The next reward for me is their level of excitement. First time buyers are almost always highly motivated buyers… and their eagerness gets me excited to work for them. In fact, working with them helps motivate me to do all the little tasks in this business that weigh us down sometimes. Who doesn’t love to have an external motivator that makes even the toughest part of their job more of a joy?

One of the intangible benefits that may suit me better than other agents is the first time home buyers desire to learn and understand the home buying process. Not everyone is suited to deal with that. Myself, I love to teach…so answering the same questions that every other first time buyer asks (and sometimes a new one) is no challenge or drudgery. Nope, it is one more time I get the benefit of knowing that I took a process that can be very intimidating to people and made it comfortable by sharing my knowledge of what they can expect. Who doesn’t want to help people feel like they can do something that they were a little bit afraid of just an hour before?

While there are many more times in the process that I feel the many joys of helping someone buy their first home, the last one I am going to mention today is the happiness one their faces when they get their keys. There are only a handful of times in life that people look so happy, and most of those you don’t get to see unless you are part of their family or an obstetrician. They share that moment with me, and I love it. On top of getting to see that happiness (which is just as infectious as the excitement I mentioned earlier), I know that besides the joy of having the first home that is truly their own… they just trusted me to help them navigate what is likely the largest single investment of their lives. Seeing pure happiness and knowing you helped someone better themselves? Sure I will take a double shot of that.

So all of you real estate agents out there that don’t like dealing with the “hassle” of first time home buyers… refer them to me. I love it.

Write or call 317-657-8059 if you are a first time home buyer that wants to be appreciated as much as you appreciate having an expert help you.